Friday, July 26, 2013

1307.6584 (Adrien Lefauve et al.)

Globally aligned states and hydrodynamic traffic jams in confined active

Adrien Lefauve, David Saintillan

1307.6709 (Sadato Yamanaka et al.)

Formation and collision of traveling bands in interacting deformable
self-propelled particles

Sadato Yamanaka, Takao Ohta

1307.6810 (Xiang Cheng et al.)

Impact dynamics of granular jets with non-circular cross-sections    [PDF]

Xiang Cheng, Leonardo Gordillo, Wendy W. Zhang, Heinrich M. Jaeger, Sidney R. Nagel

1307.6819 (Thomas Machon et al.)

Knotted Nematics    [PDF]

Thomas Machon, Gareth P. Alexander

1307.6823 (D. Fragiadakis et al.)

Characteristics of the Johari-Goldstein process in rigid asymmetric

D. Fragiadakis, C. M. Roland

1307.6834 (C. A. Perroni et al.)

Noise-assisted Thouless pump in elastically deformable molecular

C. A. Perroni, F. Romeo, A. Nocera, V. Marigliano Ramaglia, R. Citro, V. Cataudella