Friday, July 26, 2013

1307.6810 (Xiang Cheng et al.)

Impact dynamics of granular jets with non-circular cross-sections    [PDF]

Xiang Cheng, Leonardo Gordillo, Wendy W. Zhang, Heinrich M. Jaeger, Sidney R. Nagel
Using high-speed photography, we experimentally investigate impact dynamics of granular jets with non-circular cross-sections. We reveal the detailed dynamics of the impact process and uncover three different regimes. In the steady-state regime, we observe the formation of thin granular sheets with anisotropic shapes. We show that the degree of anisotropy increases with the aspect ratio of the jet's cross-section. Our results unambiguously illustrate the liquid-like behavior of granular materials during impact, and demonstrate a universal feature for physical systems where a collective hydrodynamic flow emerges from strongly interacting discrete particles.
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