Wednesday, November 7, 2012

1211.1027 (Helge Neitsch et al.)

Critical exponents of colloid particles in bulk and confinement    [PDF]

Helge Neitsch, Sabine H. L. Klapp

1211.1143 (Mariusz Pietruszka)

Frustration-induced inherent instability and growth oscillations in
pollen tubes

Mariusz Pietruszka

1211.1253 (Jerneja Pavlin et al.)

Liquid crystals: a new topic in physics for undergraduates    [PDF]

Jerneja Pavlin, Natasa Vaupotic, Mojca Cepic

1211.1269 (René van Roij)

Statistical thermodynamics of supercapacitors and blue engines    [PDF]

René van Roij

1211.1297 (Hideki Kobayashi et al.)

Shear induced breakup of droplets in a colloidal dispersion    [PDF]

Hideki Kobayashi, Hiroshi Morita

1211.1303 (Wahyu W. Hadiwikarta et al.)

Probing Hybridization parameters from microarray experiments: nearest
neighbor model and beyond

Wahyu W. Hadiwikarta, Jean-Charles Walter, Jef Hooyberghs, Enrico Carlon

1211.1308 (Hans Behringer et al.)

Brownian dynamics simulations with hard-body interactions: Spherical

Hans Behringer, Ralf Eichhorn