Thursday, January 24, 2013

1301.5437 (Michel Destrade et al.)

Bimodular rubber buckles early in bending    [PDF]

Michel Destrade, Michael D. Gilchrist, Julie A. Motherway, Jerry G. Murphy

1301.5444 (J. Pekalski et al.)

Periodic ordering of clusters in a one-dimensional lattice model    [PDF]

J. Pekalski, A. Ciach, N. G. Almarza

1301.5540 (Christopher May et al.)

Surface melting of wet granular matter in two dimensions    [PDF]

Christopher May, Ingo Rehberg, Kai Huang

1301.5548 (Thomas Mueller et al.)

Scaling of the normal coefficient of restitution for wet impacts    [PDF]

Thomas Mueller, Frank Gollwitzer, Christof Kruelle, Ingo Rehberg, Kai Huang

1301.5549 (Nicolas Desreumaux et al.)

Hydrodynamic fluctuations in confined emulsions    [PDF]

Nicolas Desreumaux, Jean-Baptiste Caussin, Raphael Jeanneret, Eric Lauga, Denis Bartolo

1301.5550 (Kai Huang Lorenz Butzhammer et al.)

Dynamics of rotating spirals in agitated wet granular matter    [PDF]

Kai Huang Lorenz Butzhammer, Ingo Rehberg

1301.5592 (Marc Radu et al.)

Solvent hydrodynamics affect crystal nucleation in suspensions of
colloidal hard-spheres

Marc Radu, Tanja Schilling