Monday, May 21, 2012

1010.6235 (L. Malaquin et al.)

Experimental determination of the entropic potential between supported
fluctuating lipid bilayers

L. Malaquin, T. Charitat, J. Daillant, S. Lecuyer, G. Fragneto

1205.4057 (Patrick Charbonneau et al.)

Dimensional Study of the Caging Order Parameter at the Glass Transition    [PDF]

Patrick Charbonneau, Atsushi Ikeda, Giorgio Parisi, Francesco Zamponi

1205.4165 (Sebastian Schöbl et al.)

Simulating flexible polymers in a potential of randomly distributed hard

Sebastian Schöbl, Johannes Zierenberg, Wolfhard Janke

1205.4176 (Udo Seifert)

Stochastic thermodynamics, fluctuation theorems, and molecular machines    [PDF]

Udo Seifert

1205.4179 (D. V. Makarov et al.)

Interplay between dipole and quadrupole modes of field influence in
liquid-crystalline suspensions of ferromagnetic particles

D. V. Makarov, A. N. Zakhlevnykh