Friday, February 3, 2012

1109.2021 (Haim Diamant)

Model-free thermodynamics of fluid vesicles    [PDF]

Haim Diamant

1110.0629 (Milan Žeželj et al.)

Finite-size scaling in asymmetric systems of percolating sticks    [PDF]

Milan Žeželj, Igor Stanković, Aleksandar Belić

1110.2202 (Ivo Buttinoni et al.)

Active Brownian Motion Tunable by Light    [PDF]

Ivo Buttinoni, Giovanni Volpe, Felix Kümmel, Giorgio Volpe, Clemens Bechinger

1201.3259 (G. Doppelbauer et al.)

Self-assembly scenarios of patchy colloidal particles    [PDF]

G. Doppelbauer, E. G. Noya, E. Bianchi, G. Kahl

1202.0001 (Vitaly A. Kuzkin et al.)

Vector-based model of elastic bonds for DEM simulation of solids    [PDF]

Vitaly A. Kuzkin, Igor E. Asonov

1202.0051 (Ceyda Sanlı et al.)

From antinode clusters to node clusters: The concentration dependent
transition of floaters on a standing Faraday wave

Ceyda Sanlı, Detlef Lohse, Devaraj van der Meer

1202.0243 (N. Golubeva et al.)

Efficiency of molecular machines with continuous phase space    [PDF]

N. Golubeva, A. Imparato, L. Peliti

1202.0312 (A. Kaiser et al.)

How to capture active particles    [PDF]

A. Kaiser, H. H. Wensink, H. Löwen

1202.0413 (Sudhir N. Pathak et al.)

Shock Propagation in Granular Flow Subjected to an External Impact    [PDF]

Sudhir N. Pathak, Zahera Jabeen, Purusattam Ray, R. Rajesh