Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1110.1786 (Thibaut Divoux et al.)

Yielding dynamics of a Herschel-Bulkley fluid: a critical-like
fluidization behaviour

Thibaut Divoux, David Tamarii, Catherine Barentin, Stephen Teitel, Sébastien Manneville

1307.5886 (M. Majka et al.)

A model for environment induced interactions in colloids for general
choice of microscopic potentials

M. Majka, P. F. Góra

1307.5904 (M. Lisa Manning et al.)

Universality of vibrational modes in the boson peak and random matrices    [PDF]

M. Lisa Manning, Andrea J. Liu

1307.5926 (Anna Lappala et al.)

Ratcheted diffusion transport through crowded nanochannels    [PDF]

Anna Lappala, Alessio Zaccone, Eugene M. Terentjev

1307.6025 (Dmitri O. Pushkin et al.)

Fluid mixing by curved trajectories of microswimmers    [PDF]

Dmitri O. Pushkin, Julia M. Yeomans

1307.6051 (Emmanuel Fort et al.)

Path-memory induced quantization of classical orbits    [PDF]

Emmanuel Fort, Antonin Eddi, Arezki Boudaoud, Julien Moukhtar, Yves Couder

1307.6096 (Yusong Tu et al.)

Inherent fluctuation-mediated equavalent force drives directional
motions of nanoscale asymmetric particles -- Surf-riding of asymmetric
molecules in thermal fluctuations

Yusong Tu, Nan Sheng, Rongzheng Wan, Haiping Fang

1307.6183 (Ivan Rey Suarez et al.)

Slow sedimentation and deformability of charged lipid vesicles    [PDF]

Ivan Rey Suarez, Chad Leidy, Gabriel Tellez, Guillaume Gay, Andres Gonzalez-Mancera