Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1301.1357 (Xingkun Man et al.)

Coherent States Formulation of Polymer Field Theory    [PDF]

Xingkun Man, Kris T. Delaney, Michael C. Villet, Henri Orland, Glenn H. Fredrickson

1301.1369 (K. J. Challis et al.)

A Tight-Binding Approach to Overdamped Brownian Motion on a
Multidimensional Tilted Periodic Potential

K. J. Challis, Michael W. Jack

1301.1489 (D. V. Denisov et al.)

Resolving structural modifications of colloidal glasses by combining
x-ray scattering and rheology

D. V. Denisov, M. T. Dang, B. Struth, G. H. Wegdam, P. Schall

1301.1571 (Martial Mazars)

Melting in Monolayers : Hexatic and Fluid Phases    [PDF]

Martial Mazars

1301.1657 (Michael F. Hagan)

Modeling Viral Capsid Assembly    [PDF]

Michael F. Hagan

1301.1666 (Nikolai V. Priezjev)

Heterogeneous relaxation dynamics in amorphous materials under cyclic

Nikolai V. Priezjev