Wednesday, October 3, 2012

1210.0369 (Takeshi Kawasaki et al.)

Dynamics of thermal vibrational motions, string-like jump motions, and
long-distance diffusion in three-dimensional glassy particle systems

Takeshi Kawasaki, Akira Onuki

1210.0416 (Mario Alberto Annunziata et al.)

Colloids and polymers in random colloidal matrices: demixing under
good-solvent conditions

Mario Alberto Annunziata, Andrea Pelissetto

1210.0495 (Dániel Györffy et al.)

"Pull moves" for rectangular lattice polymer models are not fully

Dániel Györffy, Péter Závodszky, András Szilágyi

1210.0703 (Anubha Jaiswal et al.)

Freezing of a two dimensional fluid in to a crystalline phase : Density
functional approach

Anubha Jaiswal, Swarn L. Singh, Yashwant Singh

1210.0747 (Vladimir A. Vladimirov)

Theory of a triangular micro-robot    [PDF]

Vladimir A. Vladimirov

1210.0769 (François Boué et al.)

Adsorption of MultiLamellar tubes with a temperature tunable diameter at
the air-water interface: a process driven by the bulk properties

François Boué, Anne-Laure Fameau, Jean-Paul Douliez, Frédéric Ott, Bruno Novales, Fabrice Cousin

1210.0774 (Rick Keesman et al.)

Dynamical Eigenmodes of Star and Tadpole Polymers    [PDF]

Rick Keesman, Gerard T. Barkema, Debabrata Panja

1210.0778 (Marcelo A. Dias et al.)

The shape and mechanics of curved fold origami structures    [PDF]

Marcelo A. Dias, Christian D. Santangelo

1210.0843 (Anatolii V. Mokshin et al.)

Steady-State Homogeneous Nucleation and Growth of Water Droplets:
Extended Numerical Treatment

Anatolii V. Mokshin, Bulat N. Galimzyanov