Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1210.6101 (Wenbin Zhang et al.)

Nanoparticle enhanced evaporation of liquids: A case study of silicone
oil and water

Wenbin Zhang, Rong Shen, Kunquan Lu, Ailing Ji, Zexian Cao

1210.6185 (Lynn Hoendervanger et al.)

Influence of Gold Coating and Interplate Voltage on the Performance of
Chevron Micro-Channel Plates for the Time and Space Resolved Single Particle

Lynn Hoendervanger, David Clément, Alain Aspect, Christoph I Westbrook, Danielle Dowek, Yan PICARD, Denis Boiron

1210.6225 (Huijun Jiang et al.)

Flexibility Induced Motion Transition of Active Filament: Rotation
without Long-range Hydrodynamic Interaction

Huijun Jiang, Zhonghuai Hou

1210.6229 (Buddhapriya Chakrabarti et al.)

Dynamic response of open cell dry foams    [PDF]

Buddhapriya Chakrabarti, Peter J. Hine, B. M. A. G. Piette

1210.6244 (Robert J. Vrancken et al.)

Anisotropic wetting and de-wetting of drops on substrates patterned with
polygonal posts

Robert J. Vrancken, Matthew L. Blow, Halim Kusumaatmaja, Ko Hermans, An M. Prenen, Cees W. M. Bastiaansen, Dirk J. Broer, Julia M. Yeomans

1210.6250 (Fabio Manca et al.)

Theory and Monte Carlo simulations for the stretching of flexible and
semi-flexible single polymer chains under external fields

Fabio Manca, Stefano Giordano, Pier Luca Palla, Fabrizio Cleri, Luciano Colombo

1210.6255 (Zhenli Xu)

Electrostatic interaction in the presence of dielectric interfaces and
polarization-induced like-charge attraction

Zhenli Xu