Tuesday, October 9, 2012

1109.2931 (C. Miller et al.)

Uncharged compactlike and fractional Lorentz-violating BPS vortices in
the CPT-even sector of the standard model extension

C. Miller, R. Casana, M. M. Ferreira Jr, E. da Hora

1112.3146 (Yixin Cao et al.)

Bridges in three-dimensional granular packings: experiments and

Yixin Cao, Bandan Chakrabortty, G. C. Barker, Anita Mehta, Yujie Wang

1210.1881 (Mohamed Amine Gharbi et al.)

Micro-Bullet Assembly: Interactions of Oriented Dipoles in Confined
Nematic Liquid Crystal

Mohamed Amine Gharbi, Marcello Cavallaro, Jr., Gaoxiang Wu, Daniel A. Beller, Randall D. Kamien, Shu Yang, Kathleen J. Stebe

1210.1905 (Wen-Sheng Xu et al.)

Effect of attractions on correlation length scales in a glass-forming

Wen-Sheng Xu, Zhao-Yan Sun, Li-Jia An

1210.1913 (Chang Q Sun et al.)

Hidden force opposing ice compression    [PDF]

Chang Q Sun, Xi Zhang, Weitao Zheng

1210.1945 (Jan Plagge et al.)

Melting a granular glass by cooling    [PDF]

Jan Plagge, Claus Heussinger

1210.1987 (Saroj Kumar Nandi et al.)

Yielding and large deviations in micellar gels: a model    [PDF]

Saroj Kumar Nandi, Bulbul Chakraborty, A. K. Sood, Sriram Ramaswamy

1210.2102 (Jérémie Gachelin et al.)

Non-Newtonian viscosity of E-coli suspensions    [PDF]

Jérémie Gachelin, Gastón Miño, Hélène Berthet, Anke Lindner, Annie Rousselet, Éric Clément

1210.2140 (Jiongwei Xue et al.)

Natural electromagnetic waveguide structures based on myelin sheath in
the neural system

Jiongwei Xue, Shengyong Xu

1210.2151 (A. Libal et al.)

Colloidal Lattice Shearing and Rupturing with a Driven Line of Particles    [PDF]

A. Libal, B. M. Csiki, C. J. Olson Reichhardt, C. Reichhardt

1210.2183 (G. M. Bhuiyan et al.)

Orbital free ab initio molecular dynamics simulation study of some
static and dynamic properties of liquid noble metals

G. M. Bhuiyan, L. E. González, D. J. González

1210.2229 (O. Pizio et al.)

Solvation force between tethered polyelectrolyte layers. A density
functional approach

O. Pizio, A. Patrykiejew, S. Sokołowski, J. M. Ilnytskyi

1210.2232 (A. Iomin et al.)

Application of hyperbolic scaling for calculation of
reaction-subdiffusion front propagation

A. Iomin, I. M. Sokolov

1210.2239 (Vicente Garzó et al.)

Diffusion transport coefficients for granular binary mixtures at low
density. Second Sonine approximation

Vicente Garzó, J. Aaron Murray, Francisco Vega Reyes

1210.2307 (Sultan Akhtar et al.)

A simple TEM method for fast thickness characterization of suspended
graphene flakes

Sultan Akhtar, Stefano Rubino, Klaus Leifer