Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1104.3059 (Rakesh Kumar Mishra et al.)

Effect of shear force on the separation of double stranded DNA    [PDF]

Rakesh Kumar Mishra, Garima Mishra, M. S. Li, Sanjay Kumar

1208.5126 (Sanjay Kumar et al.)

DNA Unzipping under a periodic force: Scaling behavior of hysteresis

Sanjay Kumar, Garima Mishra

1208.5156 (Aleksandr Kivenson et al.)

Diffusion-limited rates on low-dimensional manifolds with extreme aspect

Aleksandr Kivenson, Michael F. Hagan

1208.5214 (Francisca Guzman-Lastra et al.)

Stochastic resonance on the transverse displacement of swimmers in an
oscillatory shear flow

Francisca Guzman-Lastra, Rodrigo Soto

1208.5321 (Neda Ghofraniha et al.)

Multimode SPASER in nano-colloidal plasmonic systems    [PDF]

Neda Ghofraniha, Pascal Andrè, Andrea Di falco, Claudio Conti

1208.5347 (Vanchna Singh et al.)

Hysteresis in a magnetic bead and its applications    [PDF]

Vanchna Singh, Varsha Banerjee

1208.5430 (Nikolai V. Priezjev)

Molecular dynamics simulations of oscillatory Couette flows with slip
boundary conditions

Nikolai V. Priezjev

1208.5448 (Christoph. A. Weber et al.)

Nucleation-induced transition to collective motion in active systems    [PDF]

Christoph. A. Weber, Volker Schaller, Andreas R. Bausch, Erwin Frey