Wednesday, February 15, 2012

1005.2463 (Mehdi Talamali et al.)

Strain localization and anisotropic correlations in a mesoscopic model
of amorphous plasticity

Mehdi Talamali, Viljo Petäjä, Damien Vandembroucq, Stéphane Roux

1101.0953 (Yousuke Matsuo et al.)

Effect of Interaction on the Formation of Memories in Paste    [PDF]

Yousuke Matsuo, Akio Nakahara

1202.3030 (L. Boninsegna et al.)

Quantum Charge Transport and Conformational Dynamics of Macromolecules    [PDF]

L. Boninsegna, P. Faccioli

1202.3038 (Thorsten Erdmann et al.)

Stochastic force generation by small ensembles of myosin II motors    [PDF]

Thorsten Erdmann, Ulrich S. Schwarz

1202.3043 (M. Wolf et al.)

Relaxation dynamics of a protein solution investigated by dielectric

M. Wolf, R. Gulich, P. Lunkenheimer, A. Loidl

1202.3086 (Viktoria Blavatska et al.)

Polymer adsorption on a fractal substrate: numerical study    [PDF]

Viktoria Blavatska, Wolfhard Janke

1202.3112 (Decai Huang et al.)

Ring-like spin segregation of binary mixtures in a high-velocity
rotating drum

Decai Huang, Ming Lu, Gang Sun, Yaodong Feng, Min Sun, Haiping Wu, Kaiming Deng