Monday, July 9, 2012

1007.0359 (Xingkun Man et al.)

Block Copolymer at Nano-Patterned Surfaces    [PDF]

Xingkun Man, David Andelman, Henri Orland

1207.1539 (P. Rodríguez Ponte et al.)

Fermi surface instabilities at finite Temperature    [PDF]

P. Rodríguez Ponte, D. C. Cabra, N. Grandi

1207.1598 (O. Patsahan et al.)

Spatial inhomogeneities in ionic liquids, charged proteins and charge
stabilized colloids from collective variables theory

O. Patsahan, A. Ciach

1207.1622 (C. -R. Du et al.)

Interaction of two-dimensional plasma crystals with upstream charged

C. -R. Du, V. Nosenko, S. Zhdanov, H. M. Thomas, G. E. Morfill

1207.1624 (Lasse Bøhling et al.)

No separate roles of repulsive and attractive forces for the physics of

Lasse Bøhling, Trond S. Ingebrigtsen, Arno Veldhorst, Nicholas P. Bailey, Jesper S. Hansen, Thomas B. Schrøder, Søren Toxvaerd, Jeppe C. Dyre

1207.1625 (Rajarshi Chakrabarti et al.)

Investigation of tracer diffusion in crowded cylindrical channel    [PDF]

Rajarshi Chakrabarti, Stefan Kesselheim, Peter Kosovan, Christian Holm

1207.1626 (Manesh Gopinadhan et al.)

Order-disorder transition and alignment dynamics of a block copolymer
under high magnetic fields by in situ x-ray scattering

Manesh Gopinadhan, Pawel W. Majewski, Chinedum O. Osuji

1207.1656 (Antonio Astillero et al.)

Velocity Distribution and Cumulants in the Unsteady Uniform Longitudinal
Flow of a Granular Gas

Antonio Astillero, Andrés Santos

1207.1658 (Andrés Santos et al.)

Relative Entropy of a Freely Cooling Granular Gas    [PDF]

Andrés Santos, Gilberto M. Kremer

1207.1680 (Christian J. Harrer et al.)

Probability densities of a forced probe particle in glass: results from
mode coupling theory and simulations of active microrheology

Christian J. Harrer, Antonio M. Puertas, Thomas Voigtmann, Matthias Fuchs