Monday, January 14, 2013

1301.2349 (Chi-Deuk Yoo et al.)

The role of viscoelastic contrast in orientation selection of block
copolymer lamellar phases under oscillatory shear

Chi-Deuk Yoo, Jorge Vinals

1301.2403 (A. Vanossi et al.)

High-pressure lubricity at the meso- and nanoscale    [PDF]

A. Vanossi, A. Benassi, N. Varini, E. Tosatti

1301.2431 (Xabel Garcia et al.)

Light control of the flow of phototactic microswimmer suspensions    [PDF]

Xabel Garcia, Salima Rafaï, Philippe Peyla

1301.2451 (Christiane Alba-Simionesco et al.)

Effect of pressure on the number of dynamically correlated molecules
when approaching the glass transition

Christiane Alba-Simionesco, Cecile Dalle-Ferrier, Gilles Tarjus

1301.2477 (Alexandre Nicolas et al.)

Spatial cooperativity in microchannel flows of soft jammed materials: A
mesoscopic approach

Alexandre Nicolas, Jean-Louis Barrat

1301.2504 (Sarthok Sircar et al.)

Sticky Bacteria: Adhesion-Detachment Based Microbial Aggregation

Sarthok Sircar, David M. Bortz

1301.2526 (Matthias Schmidt et al.)

Power functional theory for Brownian dynamics    [PDF]

Matthias Schmidt, Joseph M. Brader

1301.2546 (Stephan Werth et al.)

The influence of the liquid slab thickness on the planar vapor-liquid
interfacial tension

Stephan Werth, Sergey Lishchuk, Martin Horsch, Hans Hasse