Monday, April 30, 2012

1204.6097 (Christophe Eloy et al.)

Kinematics of the most efficient cilium    [PDF]

Christophe Eloy, Eric Lauga

1204.6103 (Mu-Jie Huang et al.)

Coarse-Grain Model for Lipid Bilayer Self-Assembly and Dynamics:
Multiparticle Collision Description of the Solvent

Mu-Jie Huang, Raymond Kapral, Alexander S. Mikhailov, Hsuan-Yi Chen

1204.6107 (Jiayuan Luo et al.)

Physics of the Jagla Model as the Liquid-Liquid Coexistence Line
Approaches Horizontal

Jiayuan Luo, Limei Xu, C. Austen Angell, H. Eugene Stanley, Sergey V. Buldyrev

1204.6137 (Markus Bier et al.)

Local theory for ions in binary liquid mixtures    [PDF]

Markus Bier, Andrea Gambassi, S. Dietrich

1204.6177 (Brenda M. Rubenstein et al.)

Controlling the folding and substrate-binding of proteins using polymer

Brenda M. Rubenstein, Ivan Coluzza, Mark A. Miller

1204.6190 (B. Schmidtke et al.)

From boiling point to glass transition temperature: transport
coefficients in molecular liquids follow three-parameter scaling

B. Schmidtke, N. Petzold, R. Kahlau, M. Hofmann, E. A. Rossler

1204.6200 (J. Bleibel)

Ewald sum for hydrodynamic interactions with periodicity in two

J. Bleibel

1204.6262 (Yogesh M. Joshi et al.)

Delayed solidification of soft glasses: New experiments, and a
theoretical challenge

Yogesh M. Joshi, A. Shahin, Michael E. Cates

1204.6300 (Grzegorz Szamel et al.)

Glassy dynamics of partially pinned fluids: an alternative mode-coupling

Grzegorz Szamel, Elijah Flenner