Wednesday, June 19, 2013

1306.4067 (X. Yang et al.)

Spiral and never-settling patterns in active suspensions    [PDF]

X. Yang, D. Marenduzzo, M. C. Marchetti
We present a combined numerical and analytical study of pattern formation in an active system where particles align, possess a density-dependent motility, and are subject to a logistic reaction. This is a model for suspensions of reproducing bacteria, but it can also represent, in the ordered phase, actomyosin gels in vitro or in vivo. In the disordered phase, we find that motility suppression and growth compete to yield stable or blinking patterns, which, when dense enough, acquire internal orientational ordering, to yield asters or spirals. In the ordered phase, the reaction term leads to previously unobserved never-settling patterns which can provide a simple framework to understand the formation of motile and spiral patterns in actin.
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