Friday, April 19, 2013

1304.5111 (Max Wolff et al.)

Combined neutron reflectometry and rheology    [PDF]

Max Wolff, Peter Kuhns, Georg Liesche, John F. Ankner, Jim F. Browning, Philipp Gutfreund
We have combined neutron reflectometry with rheology in order to investigate the solid boundary of liquids and polymers under shear deformation. Our approach allows one to apply a controlled stress to a material while resolving the structural arrangements on the sub nanometer length scale with neutron reflectivity, off-specular and small angle scattering at the same time. The specularly reflected neutron intensity of a 20 % by weight solution of the Pluronic F127 in deuterated water is evaluated. We find pronounced changes in the near interface structure under applied deformation for surfaces with different surface energies, which are correlated with changes in the storage and loss modulus.
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