Wednesday, April 24, 2013

1304.6392 (Siet van den Wildenberg et al.)

Shock Waves in Weakly Compressed Granular Media    [PDF]

Siet van den Wildenberg, Rogier van Loo, Martin van Hecke
We experimentally probe nonlinear wave propagation in weakly compressed granular media, and observe a crossover from quasi-linear sound waves at low impact, to shock waves at high impact. We show that this crossover grows with the confining pressure $P_0$, whereas the shock wave speed is independent of $P_0$ --- two hallmarks of granular shocks predicted recently. The shocks exhibit powerlaw attenuation, which we model with a logarithmic law implying that local dissipation is weak. We show that elastic and potential energy balance in the leading part of the shocks.
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