Thursday, April 25, 2013

1304.6568 (Ashwin J. et al.)

The Yield-Strain and Shear-Band Direction in Amorphous Solids Under
General Loading

Ashwin J., Oleg Gendelman, Itamar Procaccia, Carmel Shor
It is well known experimentally that well-quenched amorphous solids exhibit a plastic instability in the form of a catastrophic shear localization at a well defined value of the external strain. The instability may develop to a shear-band that in some cases is followed by a fracture. It is also known that the values of the yield-strain (and yield-stress), as well as the direction of the shear band with respect to the principal stress axis, vary considerably with variations in the external loading conditions. In this paper we present a microscopic theory of these phenomena for 2-dimensional athermal amorphous solids that are strained quasi-statically. We present analytic formulae for the yield-strains for different loading conditions, and well as for the angles of the shear bands. We explain that the external loading conditions determine the eigenvalues of the quadrupolar Eshelby inclusions which model the non-affine displacement field. These inclusions model elementary plastic events and determine both the yield-strain and the direction of the shear-band. We show that the angles of the shear bands with respect to the principal stress axis are limited theoretically between $30^o$ and $60^o$. Available experimental data conform to this prediction.
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