Wednesday, May 22, 2013

1305.4862 (Arup K Mukherjee)

Increase of cationic concentration due to bending of overcharged DNA in
strong Coulomb coupling regime

Arup K Mukherjee
This study reveals that, in strong coulomb coupling regime, bending a straight and fully overcharged DNA (up to its maximal acceptance by multivalent counterions) to a circle releases some of the adsorbed (correlated)counterions but still remains fully overcharged. This phenomenon seems to be inherent to the minimum energy state of a DNA. By definition, the total electrostatic potential energy of a macroion-counterion system reaches to its lowest point at maximal acceptance of overcharging counterions that ensures the most stable conformation. This intermediate phenomenon of release of cations from DNA surface due to bending can be taken into account in theoretical modeling of some ionic concentration dependent physico-chemical aspects of DNA solutions in strong Coulomb coupling regimes.
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