Thursday, May 23, 2013

1305.5182 (Frank Scheffold et al.)

Linear and nonlinear rheology of dense emulsions: Identifying the glass
and jamming regimes

Frank Scheffold, Frédéric Cardinaux, Thomas G. Mason
We discuss the linear and non-linear rheology of concentrated (sub)microscale emulsions, amorphous disordered solids composed of repulsive and deformable soft colloidal spheres. Based on recent results from simulation and theory, we derive quantitative predictions for the dependences of the elastic shear modulus and the yield stress on the droplet volume fraction. The remarkable agreement with experiments we observe supports the scenario that the repulsive glass and the jammed state can be clearly identified in the rheology of soft spheres at finite temperature while crossing continuously from a liquid to a highly compressed yet disordered solid.
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