Thursday, June 13, 2013

1306.2687 (Justin C. Burton et al.)

Energy Loss at Propagating Jamming Fronts in Granular Gas Clusters    [PDF]

Justin C. Burton, Peter Y. Lu, Sidney R. Nagel
We explore the initial moments of impact between two dense granular clusters in a two-dimensional geometry. The particles are composed of solid CO$_{2}$ and are levitated on a hot surface. Upon collision, the propagation of a dynamic "jamming front" produces a distinct regime for energy dissipation in a granular gas in which the translational kinetic energy decreases by over 90%. Experiments and associated simulations show that the initial loss of kinetic energy obeys a power law in time, $\Delta E=-Kt^{3/2}$, a form that can be predicted from kinetic arguments.
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