Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1306.6045 (Mohamad Rendi et al.)

Modeling Of Blood Vessel Constriction In 2-D Case Using Molecular
Dynamics Method

Mohamad Rendi, Suprijadi, Sparisoma Viridi
Blood vessel constriction is simulated with particle-based method using a molecular dynamics authoring software known as Molecular Workbench (WM). Blood flow and vessel wall, the only components considered in constructing a blood vessel, are all represented in particle form with interaction potentials: Lennard-Jones potential, push-pull spring potential, and bending spring potential. Influence of medium or blood plasma is accommodated in plasma viscosity through Stokes drag force. It has been observed that pressure p is increased as constriction c is increased. Leakage of blood vessel starts at 80 % constriction, which shows existence of maximum pressure that can be overcome by vessel wall.
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