Thursday, June 27, 2013

1306.6279 (L. Staron et al.)

Continuum simulation of the discharge of the granular silo: a validation
test for the mu(I)-visco-plastic flow law

L. Staron, P. -Y. Lagrée, S. Popinet
Using both a continuum Navier-Stokes solver, with the mu(I)-flow-law implemented to model the viscous behavior, and the discrete Contact Dynamics algorithm, the discharge of granular silos is simulated in two dimensions from the early stages of the discharge until complete release of the material. In both cases, the Beverloo scaling is recovered. We first do not attempt quantitative comparison, but focus on the qualitative behavior of velocity and pressure at different locations in the flow. A good agreement is obtained in the regions of rapid flows, while areas of slow creep are not entirely captured by the continuum model. The pressure field shows a general good agreement. The evolution of the free surface implies differences, however, the bulk deformation is essentially identical in both approaches. The influence of the parameters of the mu(I)-flow-law is systematically investigated, showing the importance of the dependence on the inertial number I to achieve quantitative agreement between continuum and discrete discharge. The general ability of the continuum model to reproduce qualitatively the granular behavior is found to be very encouraging.
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