Friday, July 5, 2013

1307.1274 (A. Jepson et al.)

Enhanced diffusion of non-swimmers in a 3D bath of motile bacteria    [PDF]

A. Jepson, V. A. Martinez, J. Schwarz-Linek, A. Morozov, W. C. K. Poon
We show using differential dynamic microscopy that the diffusive motion of non-motile cells in a three-dimensional population of motile E. coli is enhanced by an amount that is strictly proportional to the active cell flux. While non-motile mutants without flagella and mutants with paralysed flagella have quite different thermal diffusivities and therefore hydrodynamic radii, their diffusivities are enhanced to the same extent by swimmers in the regime of cell densities explored here. Integrating the motion of non-swimmers caused by swimmers with finite persistence-length trajectories predicts quantitatively the observed linear dependence of enhanced diffusivity and active cell flux.
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