Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1307.2500 (Neil Y. C Lin et al.)

The Nonlinear Structure Response of Colloidal Liquids under Oscillatory

Neil Y. C Lin, Sushmit Goyal, Xiang Cheng, Roseanna N. Zia, Fernando Escobedo, Itai Cohen
Using fast confocal microscopy, we study the structure of colloidal suspensions under large amplitude oscillatory shear. We find that the shear-induced structure response of suspensions exhibits saturations with increasing amplitude and frequency. We demonstrate that the data for this nonlinear structure response can be collapsed onto a universal curve that captures the trends observed in macroscopic stress measurements. This universal function demonstrates an equivalence between the continuous shear and high frequency structure response. As such, it illustrates a microstructural analogue of the Cox-Merz rule for suspensions. Using Brownian Dynamics simulations we show that interparticle interactions are sufficient for generating the saturation trends in the structure response.
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