Monday, July 15, 2013

1307.3427 (Sebastian Getfert et al.)

Opposite translocation of long and short oligomers through a nanopore    [PDF]

Sebastian Getfert, Thomas Töws, Peter Reimann
We consider elongated cylindrical particles, modeling e.g. DNA fragments or nano-rods, while translocating under the action of an externally applied voltage through a solid state nanopore. Particular emphasis is put on the concomitant potential energy landscape, encountered by the particle on its passage through the pore due to the complex interplay of various electrohydrodynamic effects beyond the realm of small Debye lengths. We find that the net potential energy difference across the membrane may be of opposite sign for short and long particles of equal diameters and charge densities (e.g. oligomers). Thermal noise thus leads to biased diffusion through the pore into opposite directions. By means of an additional membrane gate electrode it is even possible to control the specific particle length at which this transport inversion occurs.
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