Friday, July 19, 2013

1307.4905 (Filip Dutka et al.)

The influence of van der Waals forces on droplet morphological
transitions and solvation forces in nanochannels

Filip Dutka, Marek Napiórkowski
The morphological phase transition between a sessile and lenticular shapes of a droplet placed in a nanochannel is observed upon increasing the droplet volume. The phase diagram for this system is discussed within the macro- and mesoscopic approaches. On the mesoscopic level, the van der Waals forces are taken into account via the effective interface potential acting between the channel walls and the droplet. We discuss the contact angle dependence on the droplet volume and the distance between the walls; this angle turns out to be smaller than the macroscopic Young's angle. The droplet presence induces the solvation force acting between the channel walls. It can be both attractive and repulsive, depending on the width of the channel.
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