Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1304.4468 (Benjy Marks et al.)

The interactions between comminution, segregation and remixing in
granular flows

Benjy Marks, Itai Einav
Granular segregation is an important mechanism for industrial processes aiming at mixing grains. Additionally, it plays a pivotal role in determining the kinematics of geophysical flows. Because of segregation, the grainsize distribution varies in space and time. Additional complications arise from the presence of comminution, where new particles are created, enhancing segregation. This has a feedback on the comminution process, as particles change their local neighbourhood. Simultaneously, particles are generally undergoing remixing, further complicating the segregation and comminution processes. The interaction between these mechanisms is explored using a cellular automaton with three rules: one for each of segregation, comminution and mixing. The interplay between these rules creates complex patterns, as seen in segregating systems, and depth dependent grading curves, which have been observed in avalanche runout. At every depth, log-normal grading curves are produced at steady state, as measured experimentally in avalanche and debris flow deposits.
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