Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1304.4537 (Vinicius M. Lenart et al.)

Nonlinear optical refraction of the dye-doped E7 thermotropic liquid
crystal at the nematic-isotropic phase transition

Vinicius M. Lenart, Gerson K. da Cruz, Sergio L. Gómez, Rozane F. Turchiello, Ivan H. Bechtold, Andre A. Vieira, Hugo Gallardo
It is known that the doping of liquid crystal with dyes usually changes the physical properties of the host, like the transition temperatures and the optical absorption among others. In this work we report a study of the nonlinear optical refraction of a dye doped sample of the E7 thermotropic liquid crystal by the Z-scan technique. It was found that the nonlinear refraction of the sample is higher than the undoped one, diverging at the clearing point. Close to the N-I transition, the nonlinear birefringence is characterized by a critical exponent that seams to confirm the tricritical hypothesis of the nature of the N-I phase transition, being independent of the doping.
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