Friday, April 26, 2013

1304.6757 (Riccardo Fantoni et al.)

Monte Carlo simulation of the nonadditive restricted primitive model of
ionic fluids: Phase diagram and clustering

Riccardo Fantoni, Giorgio Pastore
We report an accurate Monte Carlo calculation of the phase diagram and clustering properties of the restricted primitive model with non-additive hard-sphere diameters. At high density the positively non-additive fluid shows more clustering than the additive model and the negatively non-additive fluid shows less clustering than the additive model, at low density the reverse scenario appears. A negative nonadditivity tends to favor the formation of neutrally charged clusters starting from the dipole. A positive nonadditivity favors the pairing of like ions at high density. The critical point of the gas-liquid phase transition moves at higher temperatures and higher densities for a negative nonadditivity and at lower temperatures and lower densities for a positive nonadditivity. The law of corresponding states does not seem to hold strictly. Our results can be used to interpret recent experimental works on room temperature ionic liquids.
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