Wednesday, May 8, 2013

1305.1380 (Oleksandr Zavalov et al.)

Enzyme-Based Logic: OR Gate with Double-Sigmoid Filter Response    [PDF]

Oleksandr Zavalov, Vera Bocharova, Vladimir Privman, Evgeny Katz
The first realization of a biomolecular OR gate function with double-sigmoid response (sigmoid in both inputs) is reported. Two chemical inputs activate the enzymatic gate processes resulting in the output signal: chromogen oxidation, which occurs when either one of the inputs or both are present (corresponding to the OR binary function), and can be optically detected. High-quality gate functioning in handling of sources of noise is enabled by "filtering" involving pH control with an added buffer. The resulting gate response is sigmoid in both inputs when proper system parameters are chosen, and the gate properties are theoretically analyzed within a model devised to evaluate its noise-handling properties.
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