Friday, May 24, 2013

1305.5423 (Clara Rojas et al.)

Influence of the time-dependent surfactant adsorption on the lifetime of
a drop pressed by buoyancy against a planar interface

Clara Rojas, Maximo Garcia-Sucre, German Urbina-Villalba
Emulsion Stability Simulations (ESS) of deformable droplets are used to study the influence of the time-dependent adsorption on the coalescence time of a 200-$\mu$m drop of soybean oil pressed by buoyancy against a planar water/oil interface. The interface is represented by a 5000-$\mu$m drop of oil fixed in the space. The movement of the small drop is determined by the interaction forces between the drops, the buoyancy force, and its thermal interaction with the solvent. The interaction forces depend on the surface concentration of surfactant molecules at the oil/water interfaces. Assuming diffusion limited adsorption, the surface excess of the surfactant becomes a function of its apparent diffusion constant, $D_{app}$. Distinct probability distributions of the coalescence time are obtained depending on the magnitude of $D_{app}$. The origin and the significance of these distributions are discussed.
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