Friday, May 24, 2013

1305.5439 (Keyvan Piroird et al.)

Capillary flow of oil in a single foam microchannel    [PDF]

Keyvan Piroird, Élise Lorenceau
Under specific physico-chemical conditions, oil droplets are able to invade the liquid network of a foam without damaging it. We study experimentally the capillary suction of oil in a single foam channel, a Plateau border. Oil flows as an unbroken stream with a dynamics that differs from classical wicking in a capillary tube due to the deformability of the foam channel. The oil forms a long and stable liquid slug inside the Plateau border, which does not break into droplets as long as the oil is confined within the Plateau Border. Yet, destabilization occurs when oil is transferred from the Plateau border to a soap film, after the break-up of a soap film as may happen in real foams.
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