Thursday, July 4, 2013

1307.0700 (A. Kapanowski et al.)

Model of hard spheroplatelets near a hard wall    [PDF]

A. Kapanowski, M. Abram
A system of hard spheroplatelets near an impenetrable wall is studied in the low-density Onsager approximation. A simple local approximation for the one-particle distribution function is used. The density and the order-parameter profiles near the wall are calculated. The preferred orientation of the short molecule axes is perpendicular to the wall. Biaxiality close to the wall can appear only if the phase is biaxial in the bulk or in the case of the phase coexistence. The two-phase region at the interface is predicted near the density of the isotropic phase - biaxial nematic phase transition. The two-phase region is composed of the uniaxial nematic phase and the biaxial nematic phase.
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