Sunday, May 19, 2013

1305.3171 (M. V. Kondrin et al.)

Phase transformations in methanol at high pressure measured by
dielectric spectroscopy technique

M. V. Kondrin, V. V. Brazhkin, A. A. Pronin, Y. B. Lebed
Dielectric response in methanol measured in wide pressure and temperature range ($P < 6.0$ GPa; 100 K $ $ 1.2 GPa $T>270$ K. In the intermediate P-T region $P \approx 3.4-3.7$ GPa $T \approx 260-280$ K a set of complicated structural transformations occurs involving four methanol crystalline structures. At higher pressures within a narrow range $P \approx 4.3-4.5$ GPa methanol can be obtained in the form of fragile glass ($T_g \approx 200$ K, $m_p \approx 80$ at $P= 4.5$ GPa) by relatively slow cooling.
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