Sunday, May 19, 2013

1305.3806 (V. V. Brazhkin et al.)

"Liquid-gas" transition in the supercritical region: Fundamental changes
in the particle dynamics

V. V. Brazhkin, Yu. D. Fomin, A. G. Lyapin, V. N. Ryzhov, E. N. Tsiok, Kostya Trachenko
Recently, we have proposed a new dynamic line on the phase diagram in the supercritical region. Crossing this line corresponds to the radical changes of the fluid properties. Here, we focus on the dynamics of model Lennard-Jones and Soft-Sphere fluids. We show that the change of the dynamics from the liquid-like to gas-like can be established on the basis of the velocity autocorrelation function and mean-square displacement. Using the rigorous criterion, we show that the crossover of particle dynamics and key liquid properties occurs at the same line. We further show that positive sound dispersion disappears in the vicinity of this line in both kinds of systems. The dynamic line bears no relationship to the existence of the critical point. We find that the region of existence of liquid-like dynamics narrows with the increase of the exponent of the repulsive part of inter-particle potential.
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